Message from Mu Sochua MP-Elect of CNRP

Dear compatriots,

Please allow me to express my sincere thanks for your expressed concerns over the rounds of negotiations CNRP/CPP.
CNRP continues to demand:
1/ investigation of electoral irregularities;
2/ electoral reforms;
3/ re-election.
Results of the the first round of negotiation:
1/ the formation of a mixed committee from both parties to discuss technical issues;
2/ the participation and inputs from national and international organizations in the technical discussions, seminars and public forums on electoral reforms;
3/ international experts and financial support for electoral reforms.
Results of the 2nd round of negotiations:
1/ all Khmers will have the right to vote;
2/ a draft  law on party finance will be debated in parliament;
3/ electoral reforms which includes
  • credible voter list;
  • an independent NEC;
  • an independent body to judge on electoral complaints;
  • equal access to media.
Concretely, we have gained, so far:
  • international and national organizations and experts will be part of the technical negotiations;
  • an agreement to reform the electoral system;
  • an agreement to establish a credible voter list.
Negotiations are always necessary when parties are in conflict. We are transparent with the points for negotiation.
CNRP is preparing the road to free and fair election and these technical issues that allow vote buying, elimination of voters, deletion of names, ghost voters, unfair judgments; misuse of state resources are the main problems in the current electoral system. CNRP, with support of the international community and local NGOs have been able to force CPP to come to the negotiation table. CPP wants to force its way through to the next mandate.
To stop non-illegible voters from voting and for eligible voters to gain their right to vote requires a credible voter list. This requires a clean and transparent system and mechanism and this is exactly what CNRP is putting on the negotiation table.
If we want re-election, we need electoral reforms or we take the same road to rigged elections.
The date for re-election as well as other key issues  will be set in a contract before CNRP goes to parliament.
The road to rebuild our nation is a long one but this road must be set on the principles of democracy and it is only with free and fair election and non-violence that we can secure a firm and lasting control of governance and the end of Hun Sen.
Please allow me to summarize these points in this video which is my address to concerned compatriots in the South-east of France and the same thing is said when I met with our compatriots elsewhere. The same thing is said by CNRP leaders and we ask that you give the negotiation a chance.
In full respect for your input and opinion,
Mu Sochua, MP-elect