Press Release on Public Forum in Vancouver of British Columbia

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“The Crackdown of Democracy in Cambodia”                                         May 15, 2018

Press Release to Welcoming Sam RainsyCoup detat in July 1997 by second Premier Hun Sen to depose first Premier Prince Norodom Rannaridh left Cambodia’s seat at the UNs vacant under the supervision of Credential Committee of the UNs. In that time, US was the core leader to lobby other nation-states to aid this seat postponement. With current setback of democracy, Cambodia shall be inevitably facing tensions with the international community especially the Cambodia’s legal seat at the UNs. The same political manoeuvring as the coup in 1997, before the arrival of election day in July is the dissolution of the largest opposition party Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) by the Supreme Court which is a politically motivated. Many scholars and political observers including the director of human rights watch Brad Adam have viewed this dissolution as a cold-blood coup detat.

This May 14, the National Election Committee (NEC) of Cambodia closed its political party registration date and declared 4 parties to be correctly registered by allowing another 5 days to fulfilling other parties. Prime Minister Hun Sen predicted before the work of NEC that there will be at least 10 parties to join the election while the Ministry of Interior issued a listed political parties of over 41 parties by stating as “listing at the Ministry” without specifying on those parties have properly worked with due processes according to the laws such as the requirement of 4000 membership registration and the deposit of money over $4000 dollars with the Treasury Department etc. The political parties released by the NEC has no Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) and the leadership of this party has issued a statement to “boycott” this upcoming July 29, 2018 election.

The contentious election face-up to between opposition CNRP and government-led party CPP has come amid a belief that, at least, over 5 million of Cambodian eligible voters will refrain themselves from going to the ballot-booth to peaceful protest the wrong doing and the denial of voters’ rights by Prime Minister Hun Sen leadership. This latest authoritarian decision-making of Prime Minister Hun Sen has significantly violated the existing national Constitution and the spirit the Paris Peace Agreement signed in October 23, 1991 to guarantee multi-parties (plural) democracy, human rights, sustainable development, and the rule of law of Cambodia. Hun Sen and his entourages will be more ease than the gun-firing coup in 1997, but the pressures and the caution of losing political legitimacy is remained the same. Once again, the leadership of CNRP has come out in stronger unity after the party dissolution till today, while the condemnation of the international community including the United Nations have come out stronger and stronger. Many measures have been laid out and more pressures from the democratic countries are needed.

Canadian government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should join in hand with the United Nations and the International Communities to pressure on authoritarian leadership of Prime Minister Hun Sen and to help bring back democracy to Cambodia. During this occasion of welcoming Mr. Sam Rainsy, former leader of CNRP and its co-founder, and current leader of Cambodia National Rescue Movement (CNRM) to visiting Vancouver in May 20, 2018 at 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm, we would like to invite media, federal and local politicians, and all democratic friends, to join us this rare public forum at Guildford Park Secondary School: 10707 146 Street, Surrey, BC

Further info: Sophoan Seng, 403-975-5415,

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Press Release to Appeal for Inclusiveness of Voters Registration in Cambodia


press-release-for-voter-registration-inclusiveness-1 press-release-for-voter-registration-inclusiveness-2 press-release-for-voter-registration-inclusiveness-3 press-release-for-voter-registration-inclusiveness-4

ថ្ងៃទី១ខែកញ្ញានេះជាថ្ងៃដំបូងនៃការចុះឈ្មោះអ្នកបោះឆ្នោតដោយដាក់បញ្ចូលទៅក្នុង ប្រព័ន្ធបច្ចេកទេសកំព្យូទ័រសំរាប់បញ្ជីអ្នកបោះឆ្នោតថ្មី ប៉ុន្តែអង្គការដឺស៊ីរ៉ក់នៅតែ៖

. បារម្មណ៍ពីអសមធម៌នៃការបង្កើតឈ្មោះក្នុងបញ្ជីថ្មី

. ការដាក់បន្ទុកធ្ងន់ពីសំណាក់រដ្ឋាភិបាលទៅលើគ...


This first of September is the first day of voters registration by establishing new voter list through new technology of computer database, but The CEROC has remained:

  1. Worry on inclusiveness of this new voter list creation

  2. Political influence of government over the National Election Committees (NEC)



Some news reported on the first appealing for voters registration

ក្នុងខណៈពេលដែលថ្ងៃចុះឈ្មោះបោះឆ្នោតកាន់តែខិតជិតមកដល់ គណៈកម្មការដើម្បីសិទ្ធិបោះឆ្នោតពលរដ្ឋខ្មែរនៅក្រៅប្រទេសបានចេញសេចក្តីថ្លែងការណ៌នេះជាសាធារណៈ ដោយមានគោលបំណងដូចតទៅ៖
– ដើម្បីលើកទឹកចិត្តដល់ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋខ្មែរដែលកំពុងរស់នៅក្រៅប្រទេសទាំងអស់នាំគ្នាទៅចុះឈ្មោះអោយបានច្រើនបំផុតទាំងអស់គ្នា
– គណៈកម្មការនៅតែទាមទារអោយគជបជួយសំរួលនិងបង្កភាពងាយស្រួលដល់ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋខ្មែរនៅក្រៅប្រទេសអោយបានបោះឆ្នោតទាំងអស់គ្នា


សេង សុភ័ណ

public statement 1Public statement 2Public Statement 3Public Statement
As voters registration day is looming, Committee for Elections Rights of Overseas Cambodians (the CEROC) issued this public statement with following objectives:
– Encourage all overseas Cambodians to register to vote altogether
– The CEROC has maintained its status to inquire NEC to facilitate and make it easy for all Cambodians overseas to register to vote.

Detailed information, please see attached file.

Thank you very much,
Sophan Seng


Press Release on 16 March 2014

Press Release

Press Release of CEROC



Commission for Election Rights of Overseas Cambodians (CEROC) is honored to inform all stakeholders particularly the United Nations, CNRP, CPP, ERA and Medias that on Ma

To collect petition as much as we can to demand our unalienable rights as Cambodian citizens to vote in the national elections of Cambodia on March 9th, 2014, we have officially launched a petition campaign to demand “the rights to vote” in the

Press Release of CEROC 1

Cambodia national elections for Cambodians Overseas. Our commitment of this petition campaign aims to achieve the following key goals:

  1. To collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure that no Cambodian citizen has been marginalized from fully exercising their rights to engage and develop social, economic, and politics in Cambodia.
  2. To help strengthen the implementation of the Cambodia National Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations in Cambodia.
  3. To carry out all three goals mentioned above.

Thank you very much for your concerns;



Sophoan Seng

Campaign Team Leader

Tel: (403) 455-8294


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