It is time for all Khmers Overseas to shoulder together


While he is riding on the Swing Gondola at the Calgary Stampede Festival, Mr. Seng Sophoan made an appealing to all Cambodians around the world to sign petition to demand for the Rights to Vote in Cambodia elections. His message is making clear that “no Cambodian citizen shall be marginalized from their full participation in social, economic and political activities in Cambodia”.

His team work is named “The CEROC” or “Commission for Election Rights of Overseas Cambodians” has been established since March 9th, 2014 and this volunteer-based organization has accomplished several things including nearly 3000 petition collections from around the world.

With this prospect, their right to vote is inclusive and NEC must not exclude them although they have lived or worked or studied in foreign countries.

At the end, he inquired the Cambodia NEC to prepare a National Election that is acceptable by international standard, be inclusive, free and fair, and receptive to universal suffrage.

We Demand Universal Suffrage

We Demand Universal Suffrage

We Demand Universal Suffrage

Appealing from The CEROC Leader

Khmers people who are living around the globe must be able to vote during each national election of Cambodia. Their rights to vote and nation-building is guaranteed by the Cambodia National Constitution and the International Laws.

With this common ground, we have laid down concerted effort to achieve it.

Our nation shall hugely benefit from this.

Our future generation shall hugely benefit from this.

Together we accomplish!

The CEROC (8)