Designing Project Job Opportunity Announcement

Terms of Reference (ToR) 

for Graphic Designing Services 

1. Work/Deliverables 

The main objective of this work is to prepare appropriate layout/design for The CEROC page posting/printing  (i.e. Books, manual, guidelines, report, newspaper, multicolor infographics, original  illustration etc.) and check carefully data tables, colour combination, size, value of the  indicators etc. with proper formatting of the products.  

The designer should research further independently in the context of the brief provided by  the The CEROC. The designer will then submit an action plan to the concerned staff The CEROC. The  agreed upon brief and the action plan are then the assignment. 

The Designer will work in close coordination with the requester (The CEROC Technical Officers,  National Professional Officers, Communication Officer etc.) of concerned Unit of The CEROC and provide final softcopy ready to post/print file for the following printings. 

1. Design Books/manual/report/guidelines etc. 

2. Newsletter 

3. Multi-color original illustration  

4. Multi-color infographics 

5. Folder, Flex, Flyers, Invitation card etc. 

2. Duration 

The duration of the contract will be from 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2024. Subject to  one-year extension upon satisfactory experience.  

3. Payment 

Payment depends on criteria stated by as per budget proposal submitted by the  designer. Payment will be made upon completion of assignment and submission of  deliverables. Deadlines will be created after negotiation with the designer. 

4. Warranties 

The designer warrants to The CEROC that the works are original works and in no way a violation  of any existing copyright, and that the designer has the power to grant the rights set forth  in this agreement.  

The designer shall indemnify The CEROC for legal liability incurred by it on the grounds that the  designs are a violation of these warranties. 

Contractor/Employee will not disclose or divulge either directly or indirectly the Confidential Information to others unless first authorized to do so in writing .

5. Service Description

S.N. Service Description Quantity Unit Price (Rs.)
1. Design books/manual/report/guideline (Size A4)Per page
2. Design books/manual/report guideline  (Size A5)Per page
3. Design books/manual/report guideline  (Size B5)Per Page
4. Design books/manual/report/guideline (Size A3)Per Page
5. Newsletter (4 pages) A4
6. Multi-color original illustration A4
7. Multi-color Infographics with 5 or less  key information0
8. Multi-color Infographics with 6-10 key information0
9. Multi-color Infographics with more than  10 key information010
10. Multi-color design with text, photos,  logos and existing illustrationA310
11. Multi-color design with text, photos,  logos and existing illustrationA410
12. Multi-color design with text, photos,  logos and existing illustrationA5 or smaller10
13. Multi-color design of Flex, Flyers,  Invitation card, folder0