9 NEC Members are released

Finally, we now know those nine NEC members choosing from the pooling applicants of 24. As the news reported, the applications received are more than 60, but how should the selection committee has shortlisted them to 24?

Below are the release NEC members:

1. លោកហង្ស ពុទ្ធា Mr.Hang Puthea – agreed by both parties

2. លោកគួយ ប៑ុនរឿន Mr.Kuoy Bunroeun – CNRP

3. លោករ៉ុង ឈុន Mr.Rong Chun – CNRP

4. លោកហុឹង ធីរិទ្ធិ Mr.Hung Thirith – CNRP

5. អ្នកស្រីតែ ម៉ានីរ៉ុង Mrs. Te Manirong – CNRP

6. លោកសុិក ប៑ុនហុក Mr. Sik Bunhok – CPP

7. លោកមាន សទិ Mr. Mean Sati – CPP

8. លោកឌុច សុន Mr. Duch Son – CPP

9. លោកឯម សូផាត Mr. Eam Sophat – CPP

Note that Mr.Mean Sati and Eam Sophat are former members of NEC that has been blamed for its bias.

We wish them good luck and don’t forget to include Khmers Overseas to vote to collectively help develop this beloved nation.

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