Follow up letter to the Signatory Countries of the Paris Peace Agreements

Dear Sir/Madam,
The CEROC (8)Today is November 08, 2017, we would like to follow up the petition that we have sent to your office on October 23, 2017. During that 26th Anniversary of the Paris Peace Agreements, thousands of Cambodian compatriots have signed this online petition ( to appeal for your attention to the current ongoing deterioration of Cambodia democracy. We attached here are the signatures and comments we collected on the October 23, 2017. We have received more signings of up to today.

What Cambodian people and our signatures are worrisome are the arresting and jailing of opposition politicians and the amended laws that Prime Minister Hun Sen has repeatedly threatened court to dissolve CNRP with his ultimatum of November 16, 2017.
The International Community particularly the signatory countries of the Paris Peace Accords must be active, proactive, and preemptive to such gross violation of this mantra of democracy and sustainable development of Cambodia.
Detailed letter and the demands for solution are attached herewith.
Thank you very much for your kind attention.
Issued in British Columbia, Canada