Khmer youths discussed the selection of NEC new members

The CEROC is wholeheartedly supporting the participation of the Youths to monitor the ongoing selection of new members for the National Election Committee (NEC). As the best interest for Cambodian voters, the new members of the NEC should not be members of political parties or blood relationship with the politicians.

However, the binding agreement on 22 July 2014 between both parties to end the impasse shall not be easily implemented for this concern, but at least new elected NEC members must ensure that she/he is resigning from all posts within the political parties as well as distancing their political affiliation. Our hope has substantially placed on leadership and professionalism of Dr. Pung Chiv Kek who has gained great experience as an independent leader within the civil society. The rests of 8 political members selected by parties must be gradually preparing themselves to be real neutral leaders of the NEC. As said, in order to implement real neutral leader, one must not be appointed or selected from family members of the political leader(s).

(Photo courtesy from facebook of Chheang Sokha)

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