MP Mu Sochua is advocating for the Rights to Vote of the CEROC

The CEROC has again received the support from high ranking officer of CNRP, HE Mu Sochua. HE Mu Sochua is the MP-Reelected and the Leader of Public Affairs of the CNRP.

Previous visiting of top leaders of CNRP in North America also advocated for the full rights of Cambodians Overseas to vote in the Cambodia elections.

The effort of Commission for Election Rights of Overseas Cambodians or The CEROC is for the collective interests of all Cambodians. We are grateful for HE Mu Sochua, for her vivid argument to having Khmers overseas to be able to vote in all Cambodian elections.

We are also grateful for CNRP-NA who has supported and backed the CEROC since the beginning. CNRP-NA is a significant long-lasting and strong democratic movement outside of Cambodia in the North America. Its triumph has dedicated for the Democracy and Human Rights in Cambodia since last 20 years.

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(First, second and third photo is MP Mu Sochua and Ms. Janet. Last photo is Mr. Chea Kim Ly, present president of CNRP-NA. Photo Courtesy of Ms. Janet, a CEROC Member)

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