A Khmer Scholar Needs Your Help

Dear Esteem Members;

I would like to encourage our members who are living in Washington State (not Washington DC), Massachusetts and California to take few minutes of your invaluable time to respond to this Research Survey initiated by Dr. Serey. Your participation will help world’s academics understand more on how much Khmers overseas and Khmer diaspora have tremendously contributed to their home country, Cambodia.
There are some suspicion on personal data would be publicly leaked, of course, I can affirm that the set up system by the University of Washington is a professional and confidential site to protect privacy as well as to abide by the ethics of human subject that all researchers must be primarily approved.
Thank you very much Dr. Serey for your pioneering on this important subject. I am looking forward to reading the Research Finding. In the meantime, beside of both remitting money and engaging in social activism towards Cambodia, the Cambodians diaspora has recently advocated for the Right to Vote in Cambodia Elections. I would like to encourage the target sampling population of those 3 areas to aggregate this Election Rights Advocacy into the questionnaires.
The Commission for Election Rights of Overseas Cambodians with its abbreviation “The CEROC” and its website www.khmeroversea.info , is heading a collective effort to collect petition signatures as well as to educate the public for rights awareness of this unalienable right to vote in Cambodia elections, to destine the future chapter of this beloved country.
In Solidarity,
Sophoan Seng
CEROC Team Leader
Chumreapsour Brothers and Sisters

My name is Sok Serey, a visiting scholar at the University of Washington between April to July 2014.  During my visit, I am conducting a research with Dr. Sarra Curran, Associate Professor of University of Washington on ‘The Migration-Human Capital Nexus: Skill & Resource Transfers from Immigrants Back to Cambodia’ in WashingtonMassachusetts, and California.

The purpose of this research is to understand better how Cambodians in U.S contribute to the development of Cambodia and connect to their home country.

Participants’ criteria:
a. 18 years or older;  b. some work experience in the U.S (any type).

All your answers are confidential and anonymous; we are using your information for the purpose of academic research only.  If you agree to take part in this 15 minute survey, please kindly go to:


Or, you may to download the attachment of the word file to fill in and send back to sokserey@gmail.com.

If you have any inquiry regarding this matter, please feel free to contact:

Serey Sok (Mr.), PhD
Visiting Scholar, University of Washington
Email: sokserey@gmail.com
Telephone: 425-361-9918

With best regards,

Serey Sok