NGOs to Boycott Election Law Workshop

NGOs to Boycott Election Law Workshop


Mr. Rainsy said it was possible that the parties could amend the election law if issues are raised.

“It depends on the nature of the complaint. If there is any serious grounds to revise any articles or revise, we are prepared to do it but I cannot preempt what kind of questions will be asked or the seriousness of the concerns,” he said.

CPP spokesman Sok Ey San defended the content of the new election law, but said this morning’s consultation would be a legitimate chance for NGO leaders to provide input, even if only given two days to review the draft.

“The working groups only finished the draft the day before yesterday—how could it have been given to them?” Mr. Ey San said, adding that a boycott of NGO leaders would not concern him. “They can attend or not. It’s up to them.”

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